Your privacy

What's yours is yours

We are not here to exploit your data. Period. Your privacy is priceless and is yours.

Private by design

We created Huddle in such a way that you choose who you communicate with, which groups you're a part of, and what you share within those groups. Content shared in one huddle can't be shared elsewhere. You can't re-post or whatever. What's shared in a huddle stays in that huddle - and is only visible by those who have been invited to that... huddle.

We store and log as few things as possible, only what's necessary for internal analytics or debugging purposes. We encrypt all data at rest and move all data over secure connections.

Your money, not your data

Huddle is private and paid for by people instead of advertisers. Even though Huddle is currently free to use, we'll be introducing a subscription model in which people will get more features. Easy duz it.

If you want to read more about how we approach privacy at Huddle, take a look at our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service below. If you have any other questions or concerns about privacy and your data, please reach out to us at

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Privacy Policy ↗

Our policy regarding your private information and data.

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An overview of the legal terms for using our products.